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Fueling Innovation: Closing the Talent Gap in Oil & Gas

In the vast oil and gas industry, employing over 11 million globally as per the ILO, the struggle to find the right talent persists amidst opportunities. This challenge is heightened as the sector shifts towards sustainable energy and advanced technologies, demanding professionals with specialized skills in digitalization, renewable energy, and advanced engineering. Despite a large talent pool, the industry faces a notable skill gap.

Hudson Manpower is at the forefront, sourcing top-tier talent to lead projects from exploration and extraction to digital transformation and renewable energy integration. Our goal is to bridge the industry’s talent gap with exceptional professionals poised for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s innovations.

Join us in transforming your projects with the right expertise.

-Mayank Doultani (CEO)

Hudson Manpower stands as a beacon in recruitment for the Oil & Gas and Construction sectors, offering unparalleled project staffing services globally. We excel in aligning quality manpower with the precise demands of the energy sector, ensuring a perfect fit that transcends traditional hiring norms. With a keen focus on sectors like Downstream, Midstream, LNG, and Upstream, we are committed to providing seamless, customized staffing solutions, enhancing the value of your human capital investment and powering the world’s most significant engineering projects. Our expertise in global talent standards sets them apart, promising transformative HR solutions and a substantial return on investment.

Hudson Manpower excels in delivering tailored recruitment services across key sectors. In Oil & Gas, we focus on roles critical to exploration, production, and refining, prioritizing candidates with both technical acumen and adaptability to demanding environments. Our Construction recruitment targets experts in project management, engineering, and planning, vital for project success. 

Our dedicated approach to specialized staffing ensures that every project we touch is equipped with the industry’s best talent, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Partner with us for recruitment solutions that not only meet your immediate needs but also elevate your projects to global standards of excellence.

Hudson Manpower expertly marries its expansive international network with a deep, nuanced understanding of the Middle Eastern markets. This blend empowers us to infuse global insights and industry-leading practices with recruitment strategies that are finely tuned to the region’s unique cultural and regulatory requirements. Our profound local knowledge ensures we adeptly maneuver through the Middle East’s distinct economic and cultural terrain.

Our seasoned team brings a rich repository of regional expertise, positioning us to craft recruitment strategies that are not just effective but deeply resonant with the local workforce and precisely tailored to our clients’ needs. This regional acumen amplifies our ability to connect with and understand the intricacies of the Middle Eastern markets.

Harnessing both our global perspective and local insights, Hudson Manpower offers our clients a distinct advantage in navigating the competitive landscape of the Middle East. Whether it’s expanding your team, initiating new projects, or breaking into new markets, Hudson Manpower stands as your premier ally, delivering recruitment solutions that are both impactful and result-driven.

Discover more about our commitment to excellence and how we empower businesses to thrive in the Middle East. 


Drilling demands specialized knowledge and precision for every complex operation. Hudson Manpower excels by providing expert staffing solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and unparalleled technical accuracy in drilling projects.


Engineering requires a blend of top-tier talent and rigorous scientific principles for optimal design and development. Hudson Manpower stands out by sourcing skilled engineers dedicated to flawless performance and cutting-edge solutions across all engineering domains.


Geophysics centers on understanding Earth’s physical properties for effective exploration and extraction in the oil and gas industry. Hudson Manpower excels in identifying and placing experts in this critical domain, enhancing the precision and success of industry projects


Health, Safety & Environment focuses on safeguarding employee well-being and environmental sustainability through meticulous risk management. Hudson Manpower prioritizes finding professionals adept at navigating HSE challenges, reinforcing safety protocols, and fostering a culture of care within organizations.


Construction involves the critical assembly and erection of infrastructure, forming the backbone of successful oil and gas operations. Hudson Manpower specializes in linking businesses with skilled construction professionals, ensuring the foundation of your projects is solid and reliable.


Marine operations are vital in the oil and gas industry for meeting global energy demands through offshore activities. Hudson Manpower focuses on delivering skilled personnel for these critical operations, ensuring top-notch performance and contribution to the energy sector.

Maintenance & Inspection

Maintenance & Inspection are key to the longevity and safety of installations and equipment. Hudson Manpower ensures your access to experts skilled in comprehensive inspections and diligent maintenance, safeguarding the operational integrity of your assets.

Commercial & Legal

Commercial & Legal roles are critical for navigating the oil and gas industry’s intricate business and regulatory environments. Hudson Manpower specializes in sourcing professionals skilled in contract bidding, compliance, and adherence to legal and industry standards, ensuring your operations are both efficient and compliant.


Hudson Manpower excels in EPC services, covering the full spectrum from engineering design through procurement to construction execution. We provide skilled professionals who ensure that your projects are not only compliant with industry standards but also optimized for cost, schedule, and quality, delivering comprehensive solutions from start to finish.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain management is crucial for the smooth transition of materials from suppliers to manufacturers and finally to end-users, optimizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Hudson Manpower provides specialized talent in supply chain management, enhancing the value chain’s effectiveness and ensuring timely delivery.


Administrative roles form the backbone of operational efficiency and organizational success, requiring top-tier professionals for effective management and organization. Hudson Manpower is dedicated to recruiting skilled administrative experts, ensuring seamless operations and the smooth running of your business.


Specializing in the core elements that make facilities safe and operational, Hudson Manpower recruits top-tier professionals in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing disciplines. We ensure your projects are equipped with experts who design, install, and maintain systems crucial for modern infrastructure, thus enhancing operational integrity and efficiency.

Seeking Top Quality Manpower for your projects?

Hudson Manpower is your premier partner, offering unparalleled staffing solutions tailored to these critical industries. Our commitment to safety, efficiency, and timeliness ensures your projects are not just completed, but excel in every aspect.

Leveraging a vast network of skilled professionals, we’re poised to fulfill the unique requirements of your Energy & Construction endeavors. From skilled construction labor to seasoned energy experts, our talent pool is vast and versatile, ready to propel your projects to successful completion.

Choose Hudson Manpower for your staffing needs and elevate your projects with our professional, dependable services.

Reach out today to discover how we can contribute to your success in the Energy & Construction sectors.

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